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Fort Bragg Ghost Town

"I'll never forget the thrill of that uneasy feeling and being able to capture that emotion within a still photograph."

Crystal and I recently celebrated our three year anniversary and since we dont know exactly what day it falls on, we usually choose a mutually free weekend sometime in October. This year instead of heading south, we decided to journey up the northern coastline to Fort Bragg. We decided to cut through Boonville and Navarro River Redwoods State Park, where a windy road weaves in and out of giant Redwood patches bordering a beautiful river. Once we got Highway 1 the coast was socked in with thick fog that unfortunately lingered for the duration of our trip. After a great day at Glass Beach and one of the best dinners I've ever had at the MacCullum House in Mendocino, we returned to our lofty room at the BeachHouse Inn overlooking Pudding Creek. Crystal quickly fell asleep, as she so often does and I took the opportunity to grab my gear and head out for some late night fog shots. Earlier Crystal had proposed a walk in the cemetary across from our Hotel and I knew it would be a prime location to shoot in the fog. As soon as I set eyes on a eerie orange light from behind the trees on the neighboring property, I got giddy and knew that the photos were going to be special.

I snapped a few cropped and wide shots on my 16-35 mm and after hearing noises from the care takers quarters, decided to venture onward into town. After hiking a half mile through the mist, I took a turn towrads the beach. I ran into a fence bordering a withered victorian beach home community. I ended up losing my sense of direction in the thick fog and ended up in deserted downtown Fort Bragg. I captured a car crossing the intersection and had a laugh at a sign which read "Fiddles & Cameras". I then wandered into in an abondoned parking lot and found myself gazing at an old rustic-looking rain. I quickly fired off a few shots and was pleased with the angle of the orange backlighting. After getting my fill of creepy shots and hiking through a modern day ghost town, I decided to head back to the Hotel and call it a night. I'll never forget the thrill of that uneasy feeling and being able to capture that emotion within a still photograph.